Starting a business is like starting
in life with various pitfalls and dangers.
Let me help get you off to a safe start

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

What is the number one thing standing between you and financial freedom? Most people think it’s a lack of knowledge, a lack of experience, a lack of opportunity, a lack of a business degree, a lack of financing, or something else. They are wrong. The biggest thing preventing most people from living the life they have always dreamed of isn’t a lack of anything at all – it’s an overabundance of something. The only thing standing between you and a life that isn’t dragged down by financial worries is fear. Fear is a natural reaction, it’s there to keep us safe. But sometimes we’re so concerned about being safe that we let opportunities sail right past us because we are afraid to take a chance, afraid to do something different, or even afraid to succeed.

side-im-freedom-workshopI want to teach you how to let go of that fear so you can start earning the kind of long term income you deserve. We see stories in the news every day about people who have more money than they know what to do with. People like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who give more money to charity than most people will ever have. Sometimes we look at rich people and think they are greedy or corrupt, and sometimes we secretly envy them, but deep down we all want the kind of financial freedom they have. And now, thanks to the system I am getting ready to show you, we all can.


“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

Business Opportunity

To find out what this opportunity is all about in person, you will have the chance to attend a Free 2-Hour Work Shop in your area. These workshops are held all over the world and there might be one in your area coming up. Just click on the IM Freedom Workshop Icon to find out more.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

This is a big question and in terms of business and the desire to achieve personal and professional success, I’m sure you can imagine a life for yourself that involves big goals. Matt Lloyd created this unique opportunity from years of trial and error, and now you can benefit from his work and run a successful business that will offer you unlimited potential and financial freedom.

As your consultant, I will help you as you discover the My Top Tier Business 21-step program, fondly referred to as MTTB that will help you grow your business. It’s a simple program where you bring in leads, and then our team of sales people does the rest and you earned a commission of about 50%.

  • You won’t have to create your own product, website, or have computer skills.
  • You don’t need business experience, capital, or investors.
  • You don’t have to handle the sales calls, deal with the customers, or leave the comfort of your own home.

It is this easy to use formula that creates partnerships that benefit us all!Perhaps you already have gained the business experience needed to take it your career to the next level and love to talk to people yourself, than the Top Tier Income or TTI is the “big brother” of MTTB might be a fit for you. The commissions are higher because you are now taking on the added responsibility of making the sales calls yourself. That gives you an even bigger commission percentage.

If you enjoy talking to people and making the sales, this program could be just what you’ve been looking for to grow your business. Here are a few of the perks when you join:

  • Lifetime commissions on ALL programs sold to your leads.
  • Built-in residual income streams for life.
  • Access to a 7-step training program.
  • A state of the art member’s area with videos, training, and webinars.
  • A 10-day “Traffic Made Easy” plan that shows you how to drive traffic.

If this sounds like a great way to do business, it is.

As your consultant, I will guide you through the steps that will help you grow your business and achieve the levels of personal and professional success you’ve been looking for! I look forward to talking you and sharing more about all the benefits you will discover with MOBE! Don’t wait another moment to get started; become the best version of yourself that you can be, and secure that brighter future! I can show you how. Fill out the Contact Form and I will get in touch with you. If you prefer to talk on the phone you can call (323) 686-4138, and if you happen to live in the Southern California Area, I could even meet you in person.

Several additional products for training and education for your online and/or business success are available!

Learn About Monika Reinhardt and How She Can Help You Succeed

I immigrated to the United States from Germany. I am a survivor times four: I survived during complications at birth, being shot, being a victim of a violent crime, and ovarian cancer.

I am a retired Police Officer. I worked in Law Enforcement for about 15 years and prior to that I was a Crime Scene Investigator. During my career I have experienced some great events, but unfortunately this career comes with events that nobody should go through and never see at all. I made it a point never to take any of the negative home. I enjoyed my career until I got hurt and could not perform the duties of a Police Officer any longer.

So, I decided to explore options of earning a little extra money with the internet. I found a great online marketing system with a proven track record. The cool thing is that I can do this from home or anywhere in the world as long as I have a laptop and an internet connection. I did not have a lot of computer knowledge and I was worried that I could not do this, but once I researched this opportunity I realized that I did not need experience, since everything is pretty much done for me.

Surviving times four and working in law enforcement is stressful, especially these days, and I am glad I found this opportunity to relax, take it easy and I only work a few hours a week. On top of it I have fun, enjoy my time and freedom.
With that freedom I am able to do a lot of things I was not able to do working a full-time job. So far I wrote one book titled “Guide to Fingerprint Identification and Classification,” 2nd Edition; and I am the Award Winning Author of the Book Titled “The Book About Me; Everyone Has A Story – This Is Mine.” The New York Times Best Selling Author Raymond Allen is writing the foreword of that book.

You will be amazed how much time you have to do the things that you want to do or always wanted to do and not having to worry about getting the time off or being able to pay for it.

So what if I told you that you already have almost everything you need to make that a reality? Would you be interested in getting that last little piece of the puzzle so that you can start enjoying life the way it’s meant to be lived? My name is Monika Reinhardt I am ready and willing to pull you across that little gap so you can join me and thousands of others who have learned this simple formula to economic security.

Take the 21 step challenge and you will learn to how to leverage the awesome power of the Internet into an ongoing passive income generating machine. Now let me be clear about a few things right up front – this is not a get rich quick or money for nothing scheme. If you follow the steps we teach you I am completely confident in your ability to start earning six figures, but you will have to work at it and it will take time. Many business opportunities imply or outright promise that you will be an overnight success and while I do think you could start pulling in large checks fairly quickly, it will be dependent on your willingness to work the system. But if you are motivated, hard working, and interested in working for yourself instead of punching a clock for someone else, this system will give you the financial freedom you have been waiting for.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is affiliate marketing?
    As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting other people’s products. You essentially become part of that company’s marketing team. You are simply supplied with your own unique link for that product. If anyone clicks on the link and buys, you get the commission for the sale. Generally, order fulfillment, customer service, payment processing and returns are all handled by the company. Your only job is to direct traffic to their offer.
  • How do I get started?
    All those interested should begin by taking the MTTB 21 Step Introductory Training Course. A coach will be assigned to assist you as you take the course. You simply watch video’s (at your own leisure) and then report to your coach what you learned. Your coach is fully trained and willing to answer any and all of your questions along the way. There is no pressure and there are no obligations. They are just there for support. There is a $49 application fee for this course, and it is fully refundable within 30 days, even if you finish the course and still decide it’s not for you. No hassle, no questions. Just call 1-844-662-3787. When you sign up for the course, you will be given the contact details for your coach. Reach out to them right away so that they can unlock the steps for you as you go.
  • Is there a start up fee?
    The only fees required are the initial $49 for the MTTB 21 Step Introductory Online Training Course. If you decide to continue as an affiliate, there is a $19.95/month affiliate fee to remain active and access your affiliate links.
  • Are there any sales requirements as an affilliate?
    No, there are no obligations, no deadlines to meet, no quota’s to fill, and no sales to report. No one will be looking over your shoulder. (However, please feel free to reach out to me for advice or help…that’s what I am here for.)
  • What do the 21 Steps entail?
    The 21 steps are designed to help you understand the structure of our company as well as paint a vision of what Internet Marketing is all about. During your training, all of our partner programs will be introduced to you and you will be able to choose if a partner program is right for you based on your goals for your future with internet marketing. If you want to duplicate my success, join a partner program.
  • What happens after I finish the 21 steps?
    The moment you begin your training, you are considered an active affiliate. You will receive an email with a link to your back office. There you will find all of your affiliate links. However, don’t start promoting any offers with your links until you are finished with the 21 steps because joining a partner program will influence the commissions percentages you receive. If you start promoting beforehand, you could potentially lose out on future commissions. (that will be explained in detail during the training). When you are finished with the steps, you can start marketing your affiliate links which are all found in your back office.
  • Will I have access to all of our company affiliate links?
    Yes, you will have access to all company affiliate links plus the marketplace products. (Products that we, as affiliates, have created and the company endorses). Yes, that’s right – you can create your own business education product for all company affiliates to promote! The site will always be updated with the latest products and will be current as the world of internet marketing constantly changes.
  • What type of products do we promote?
    We are a business education company. We offer ebooks, books, tutorials, webinars, downloads, training courses, live event workshops and more. Everything we produce is designed to help ANY business generate more leads to their website, build their marketing list and create more conversions (sales) for their offers. Which comes in really handy considering we all have our own internet marketing businesses. It is really convenient to have all that knowledge right at our fingertips.
  • Is this an MLM?
    Network Marketing and Internet Marketing often get lumped together as the same thing – but no, it is an entirely different industry. Typically, in network marketing and multi level marketing, a person can only advance up the ladder if they sell X amount of product or recruit X amount of people. Their goal is to create a team (or a downline) and then leverage the teams efforts to create a residual income. There are no such qualifications with internet marketing. The residual income from those I sponsor (people that clicked on my link and joined) is only about 5%. That’s not much. I get paid once when I sell them one of our products. Some of our products are restricted to partners only, so if you are not a partner and someone you refer buys a partner product, I will get the pass-up commission because I was qualified as a partner and you were not. You will learn more about “positioning” in the 21 steps. Also, we are not required to buy the products at wholesale and then resell them. There is no inventory to stock or keep track of, we simply direct traffic to offers using the internet. Also, we do not hold home parties.
  • What if I am clueless when it comes to all of this internet stuff?
    Well then, you wouldn’t be alone. The majority of people that find internet marketing are total newbies to the industry – many of them are baby-boomers just looking to do something with their newly found time. Remember, we are an online business education company – you will have tons of resources at your hands, not to mention, you can google just about anything you want to learn for free. Your 21 step training will paint a pretty clear picture of how it all works, so it’s just a matter of fitting all the pieces together when you actually start. Our founder released a training called “Back To The Basics” that is really helpful and keeps it very simple. Before you know it, you will feel like a pro. Also, if you are a higher level partner, you will get to go to all expense paid retreats and learn from the best of the best.
  • Do I have to take care of order fulfillment and keep inventory?
    NO! Thank goodness! Our company handles the order fulfillment, customer service and returns. They do all the selling for us. Our only job is to direct traffic to their offers.
  • Do I need a merchant account to process payments?
    No, the company collects all the payments and then deposits your commissions into your ewallet account.
  • Do I have to talk to any of my leads or sell directly?
    NO. Unless you want to. It does increase conversions if you reach out to your prospects and coach them a little. But generally, no, the company will do all of that for you.
  • Do I have to recruit a team?
    NO. Nothing is required, but why not? You have found a gold mind of an opportunity and only 1% of the worlds population has embraced internet marketing as a career. Why not spread the love and get paid to do it?
  • Do I need a business license etc?
    Every city, state and country is different. You are responsible for reporting your income and paying your own taxes. Consult your local jurisdiction for specifics on your area.
  • How do we get paid?
    The company collects all the payments for any purchases made through our affiliate links. You will have access to your sales report in your back office. Every two weeks, the company releases your earnings and deposits it into your ewallet account. From there, you can transfer it to your bank account.
  • Do i need to set up a website, blog etc?
    To start, no. But it doesn’t hurt to have one. WordPress has a free blog. If you do set one up, use YOUR NAME as the website address. You are branding YOU. YOU will become an industry authority figure and a coach to those you sponsor in. You need to be searchable in all platforms (social media, blogs, youtube etc).
  • Do I need to do videos?
    No, not right away – don’t get overwhelmed with everything you possibly can do to promote yourself. If you don’t want to, don’t. Stick with what resonates with you for now. It isn’t a bad idea to start creating videos and putting them on your youtube channel though. Remember, you want to be searchable. What turns a prospect from a cold lead to a warm lead is connecting with YOU. The more you show YOU, the more connected they will feel and the more likely they will be to buy from you. They will trust you as an authority figure.
  • What if a customer wants a refund?
    They will call or email support directly. You do not need to intervene at all. The commissions for that sale will be withdrawn from your account. But don’t worry, once they are through with the training, it is very rare for anyone to ask for a refund.
  • What if I decide it’s not for me?
    You are not obligated to continue. Just notify support that you do not wish to become an affiliate and they will refund the $49 21 step training course as long as it is within 30 days. Once refunded, you can’t change your mind.
  • What is included as a standard affiliate vs. a licensed partner? What should I do?
    This is all explained very well in the 21 step training program and far too much to discuss here. But, do you want a hobby with a hobby-type income or a real successful online business? If I were you, I would move mountains to become a partner. A partner is much more than an affiliate – you can join anyone’s affiliate program (Amazon has one for instance) and promote their products without having to buy the products yourself. As a partner, you are a partner – you own the rights to that partnership. Kind of like buying a franchise. The partnership programs come with many different modules and products to help you build an actual online business and most of them come with a live training event as well (that’s why I was in Fiji and Jamaica) plus access to so many tools and resources that standard affiliates don’t get. Also, your income percentages increase. But the best part is this: Remember, our company does all the selling for you, and the people that click on your link (no matter what you are promoting) are going to be offered to join a partner program at some point during the sales process, so if you are in the partnership program already, you will get the commission for that program. My business is largely word of mouth right now, but before that, I never spoke to a single person and let me tell you, it is really exciting to get a message from corporate telling you that they are depositing $1250 into your ewallet account that you never even knew was coming!
  • How much does it cost to join a partner program?
    This is all introduced to you during the 21 step training program and I am not authorized to disclose it publicly. But I will tell you this. I didn’t even bat an eye at the entry level partner program, so that tells you that it is easily do-able. Also, I made $2500 in the first 6 weeks because of this program (far exceeding the investment). Satisfy your curiosity and take the 21 step course. Find out if it’s do-able for you too!
  • What are the different partner levels?
    The new programs in order as of June 1st, 2016 will be Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond. If you are a Titanium Partner before the change takes place on June 1st, you will inherit Gold for Free. This is all explained in detail within the 21 step training program and far too much to discuss here. But think of it like a Tier of training. Each program will advance you further into success.
  • Do I have to become a partner to make any significant money?
    Yes and no. Your success is up to you. How bad do you want it? What are your goals? There are hundreds of products to promote that don’t require you to be a partner and if you sell enough of them, you can do pretty well. But since the product prices and commissions are so low, it just takes a lot longer and requires a lot more effort which is why the majority of standard affiliates give up and quit. For example, my first sale was for a $9.95 ebook – my commission was $8.96. I thought that was super awesome – but I would have to sell thousands of them to get anywhere. Your goal as a standard affiliate should be to become a partner as fast as possible. If you can do it from the get-go, do it! (positioning). Partners commissions are $1250, $3300, $5500 and $10,000 per sale. You do the math…
  • Do I have to quit my job right away?
    No, you don’t have to quit your job ever if you love your job. (Most people don’t love their job). It depends on you and your level of commitment. You can work as little as 4 hours/week and still be successful. If you need to keep your job until you replace your income, then that’s totally fine!
  • I’m a consultant for another company, can I still do that?
    Absolutely. Do you sell jewelery? Makeup? Tupperware? The knowledge you gain as an internet marketer can really increase sales to your current business. You will be asked to sign a waiver stating that you will not disclose confidential information to our competitors.
  • What if I have my own product idea I want to sell?
    You can submit your idea to corporate. If approved, it will be added to the marketplace as another item all of the affiliates can promote. It must be business education related.
  • I’m an MLM failure, how can I be sure that I will be successful at this?
    MLM’s sometimes push people out of their comfort zone who don’t like to sell or recruit and that definitely puts a damper on your ability to find success. Internet marketing allows you to do those things without actually having to talk to anyone. Win, Win. Also, success comes from you. Just don’t give up…ever.
  • Is travel required?
    No, but I highly recommend attending one of the Mastermind Trainings. They are held at exclusive resorts all over the world and it will totally transform your business and your way of thinking. (more info on these discussed in the 21 steps)
  • How do you advertise – where does the money come from?
    There are many free and many paid advertising methods – youtube, facebook, blogging, solo ads, banner ads, etc. Just choose one that resonates with you and focus on getting really good at that one method before you move on to the rest. (The 21 steps will talk about all of this). You pay for them yourself and you can choose your budget. If you only have $25.00/month, then work with that until you start making more money. Always re-invest part of your earnings into advertising.
  • How do I create an advertisement? Is there software I will need to buy or download?
    Your $19.95/month affiliate fee gives you access to all the company’s done-for-you ads that you can use. But you can also create ads yourself using programs like It’s free. No software required. You can create tracking pixels for each ad that you run to track it’s performance. If it is not performing well, you can cancel the ad or tweak it and try again, so that you are getting maximum results.
  • How did you find this company?
    I was searching for something to work from home, having back problems my therapist suggested to find something more easy and reliable with less stress.    My husband got an email on how to build your business online …I watched the sales video and without question, signed up for the 21 step training program on the spot. I like to say that it was divine intervention that night because I had opted in to many different programs, but for some reason, this one just stood out to me.
  • How did you get started, as an affiliate or a partner?
    I immediately joined the first level partner program. It was called the MLR then (now called Silver). I joined Titanium and Platinum at the end of the 21 steps and Diamond a couple months later. (Gold wasn’t part of the program then). I didn’t hesitate or question it. I knew I had to do it despite my history of being an MLM failure myself. I didn’t know anything about internet marketing, but I liked the idea that all I had to do was direct traffic to the offers, and the company would close the sale for me. I knew I could at least do that! And it proved to be the best business choice I have ever made!
  • Is training provided?
    Yes, you will feel pretty confident and excited during the 21 steps and there are other training programs available to you in your back office. You will have your own personal coach during the 21 steps and you have me. Plus thousands of other affiliates all willing to share their knowledge too.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    YOU are your guarantee. Let me ask you this. Are you the type of person that gives up at the first sign of failure? Because it has been my experience that people often don’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up. The only difference between someone who is successful in internet marketing and someone who isn’t is their level of commitment. Just don’t give up…ever.
  • How long does the 21 step course take to finish?
    The only hold up is that you have to wait for your coach to unlock the steps for you as you go. So just stay on top of them – be proactive and contact them the moment you are finished with each one so you can keep moving along. It took me 3 weeks, but others move through the steps within a week. And no matter what, FINISH the steps – all of them!
  • Should I continue the steps even if I can’t be a partner at this time?
    Yes, Yes, Yes! If there is absolutely no way that you can join a partner program at this time (and I assume you literally exhausted every option 10 times over) ask your coach to unlock all the rest of the steps for you and continue on to the end. Your goal is ultimately to become a partner, so keep going forward with that in mind.
  • Are there any incentives offered to join a partner program?
    The company does offer some incentives sometimes and it changes from time to time. I have an offer that I will present to you when you are done with the 21 steps if you join the Platinum or Diamond partner program.
  • Who is our customer base? Who do we target with our ads?
    Any person or business that has a website – no matter what type of business they are. Or anyone that wants to create an online business for themselves. Who you target in your ads will depend on the offer you are promoting. In other words, there isn’t a person in the world that can’t benefit from something you have. The sky is the limit.
  • Have you personally met the founder of this company?
    Yes, many times. He is very inspiring and I love to listen to his Australian accent. I have had lunch with him and have spoken to him one on one many times. He is a dear colleague of mine. When you travel and attend the live events and masterminds, you begin to feel like everyone is family.
  • What does it take to be successful in this business?
    You have all the tools you need to be successful in this business – it just takes a drive, a fire under you, and your determination to not give up until you succeed. Rich people don’t find this business – they don’t need it. The ones that have money are already living the life of their dreams. The people that find us are people like you and like me, desperate for a significant change! I attended the Diamond Mastermind in Jamaica and it was so humbling! So many people in absolutely devastating circumstances when they found us. Loss, tragedy, buried in debt, not a dime to their name, out of work, homeless…so incredible to see their transformations and most of them only started within the last 6 months. I was in that position in November, I’m a Diamond now, the highest partner program. I have met and spoken to our Founder in person many times. He is the most disciplined and focused person I have ever met. The bottom line is this, don’t be afraid to take a risk – something amazing just might come out of it! Our top earner just crossed 10 million dollars….in just over two years. It is not uncommon for partners to hit 6 figures in their first year. Partners are committed to seeing success and they do. I work maybe 4-8 hours a week now, I’m finally breathing again. Just be up front with your coach and let them know what your plans are for your future. They will guide you with what is right for you. I look forward to helping you reach your goals and meeting you in person at one of the future events.

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